Saturday, April 6, 2013


I whipped these two pillowcases up for my daughters yesterday. I love quick projects! While we were in Florida, I stopped by the Daytona Beach JoAnns store and the girls picked out these flannel fabrics. I bought 2 yards of fabric and a roll of 2 inch wide ribbon and Bob's your uncle! It couldn't be simpler! Here's what I used: 1 yard of fabric (I didn't use a contrasting fabric for the band for these pillowcases) and 2 inch wide ribbon for the band border. For the main part of the pillow, the fabric is cut at 27 inches and 9 inches is used for the band. I used 2 inch wide ribbon for the band border. I used Missouri Quilt Co's tutorial which is brilliant! However when you reach the very last step of sewing your 2 seams (length of pillow on one side and short side; an "L" if you will), I used French seams so that all of the seams are enclosed! Don't shy away from them as they are super easy to do! Here's how you do it: With right sides facing out, sew down the length of the pillow and short side with a 1/4 inch seam. Yes, that's no mistake - you are sewing on the right side of your pillow. Trim the one corner because you next turn the pillow inside out - now you will be sewing on the wrong side of the fabric. Using a 3/8 inch seam (the next line after the 1/4 inch mark on your sewing machine), sew down the same two sides. Turn right side out and admire your work because your raw edges of your seams are now enclosed and cannot be seen!! You won't have any fraying when you wash your pillowcases! I used French seams on these pillowcases because I was using Flannel but I'd have to say I would definitely use French seams on any pillow I would make because it makes for a professional look to  your work!

Well gotta run....have a 5th birthday to host....and have some last minute things to get done. Happy


 BTW: Is anybody having problem on blogger with uploading images and then altering the size....all of my images are coming out small; when you used to upload you'd have the choice of the size but on this new version, it doesn't give me an option. Any thoughts?

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  1. I write my post in Windows Live Writer (free to download) and add my photos there (with a watermark to protect them from theft). When I'm finished, I simply publish my finished post from there to my blog -- easy peasy! Works even if I schedule the publication for sdome time in the future!