Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Quilt Con-5 Things You May Not Know About Me

QuiltCon is only 3 weeks away and I couldn't be more excited!!!! After an extremely challenging year, this is a treat to myself - a Mommy vacation sans children or husband (will miss them though and do love them lots!). 5 Things You May Not Know About Me: 1. I've surprised my best friend by buying her a ticket to join me in Austin; my second best friend who I've literally not seen in 5 years (since my wedding....oh my) as she lives in Phoenix is also coming!!! How awesome is that! They're not quilters and don't share my passion for quilting/knitting/fabric design however I swear we've been sisters in another life!! haha Love them, miss them and many margaritas need to be had!!! Yeah baby!!! 2. I'm a piler....aghhh...had to admit it. Now don't get me wrong our house is clean and as tidy as it can be when you have two small children...and know the drill. Art piles from school, fabric piles on UFO in the sewing room, etc. etc. Maybe we need a bigger house and more filing cabinets? :) 3. Love portrait photography. Babies in hats...nothing more cute in my opinion. I've teamed up with some local photographers and have swapped pictures of my daughters in the past for some of my baby knitted hats. Great idea and was a win win for both my photography friends and my family. 4. I'm passionate about patient safety and am a big advocate by profession. Justice seems to be a theme in my life. 5. Love Starbucks Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate...what can I say...who doesn't love salty and sweet combos? Oh...and did I mention Margaritas on the Rocks?

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Waverunner Quilt

Waverunner Quilt by Bumble Beans
Waverunner Quilt, a photo by Bumble Beans on Flickr.

Love Victoria's aka Bumblebeans' original Waverunner Quilt!!!

Love the colours, the improv style, the quilting...all together it's just beautiful and definitely speaks to me! I decided this would be a nice quilt for my husband so I sent out some fabric to the gals in my bee (Unscripted) and they sent me lots of beautiful pieces back. I've slowly added to what they made and this is what I have so far. It's a work in progress for sure. Was supposed to be a Christmas present (what was I thinking) so needless to say here it is at the end of January and it's still a wip! I am proud though as I've decided on the backing and ordered the flannel fabric a few nights ago - just in time before the crazy shipping rates to Canada go in effect - ugh!
Not sure how I feel about it. I think it's one of those quilts that I should suspend my thoughts until I've finished piecing the top. What do you think?

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Simple Marks Zippered Pouch - for me!

I've been wanting to bust out my little package of "Simple Marks" fabric - 2.5 inch squares. I bought two packs earlier this week and they were so cute I couldn't resist! At first I was thinking of a pillow but then I thought a zippered pouch for myself would be way more practical:)
I decided to alter the usual pattern I used from Noodlehead because I wanted a taller pouch. I went with 10.34 x 12.25 x 4. It will be perfect for small knitting/crochet project and sewing supplies. It actually reminds me of Elizabeth's pattern.
I still have to add the topstitching and close the lining but I'm happy with the results. I think maybe next time I'll make it 3 inches in depth and I could always add some quilting but overall I'm happy with the results. Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

More Zippered Pouch Gifts

The last of my zippered pouch gifts using Noodlehead's Zippered Pouch Tutorial For this one I used equal parts linen and some old Amy Butler (5 inches x 5 inches).

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Pillow Talk Swap 9

I totally forgot to post my pillow for the Pillow Talk Swap 9! It was my first time participating in it and let me say, it won't be my last I hope:) It was a lot of fun especially seeing everyone's progress as we went along. I called my pillow "Scrappy Shoo Fly." I actually made a drawing ahead of time (which I never do typically) and got an idea of where I wanted to go with the colours in the pillow. I started off with using linen as my background colour but I found it kind of boring.
Text fabric has definitely been "in" this past year so I ordered some from Mad About Patchwork which is an online fabric store in Canada! I chose Madrona Road by Violet Craft for Michael Miller. Love it! So, here is the finished product. What do you think?
Quilting it was the fun part for sure! I knew already that I wanted to quilt it in concentric circles. I love things all circular when it comes to quilting! I found Blooming Poppies tutorial helpful - love her quilts by the way!!
Pillows are definitely the place to practice different quilting techniques - easy to maneuver compared to a large quilt and you're not likely to get bored of it in a smaller project:) Ahhhh....those rings .... love them!!!
I went with a simple envelope style closure in the back but next time will definitely use a zipper back closure with flap. I came across this tutorial which I'm going to use for sure:) Thanks for stopping by friends!