Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Heart Block

August's PTQB2 was a block for Samantha. She requested a 12.5 inch block that represented Valentine's Day. Of course, the first thing that comes to mind is a heart but I could not decide on how to make my block. I surfed the net for hours for inspiration as I wanted something a bit more untraditional. Then I remembered I had a pattern for a Scrappy Pieced Heart and went to town. Once I read the instructions a few times (you know what that's like:)it quickly came together and this is a pic of the result. I love taking my pics outdoors but only made it after 7 tonight so it's a little dark! Oops!

Not much blogging/creating going on here as I've been back and forth to the doctor for the past few weeks and just can't seem to shake this chest virus I have! Really makes a pregnant woman miserable...I've coughed so hard that I've strained an abdominal muscle and honestly this hurts more than the cough! Baby is okay, but mama is falling apart!! Oh well, enough whining...gotta get my little one to bed...