Monday, December 31, 2012

Goodbye 2012 and all my UFOs

I have to say I'm not really sad 2012 will soon be behind me. If you've followed me, you will know that the end of 2011 and 2012 have been by far the most difficult year of my entire life with the loss of both of my parents, particularly the loss of my Mom which was very tragic and devastating. The fall out after her loss with the parties involved have challenged me both personally and professionally. However, I feel I am making headway with the latter and so my new life has begun. I look forward to new beginnings on so many levels and I crave some "down" time. Things like sewing for fun again, knitting again, making things for my family....travelling in the new year, family time, fun stuff:) What I like about blogging is that sometimes it helps me to keep accountable. I don't even want to confess how many UFO's I have or how big my stash continues to grow. So, I need to stop buying, finish my UFOs and just keep a list of favourite things to make "someday." I don't know about you but I get overwhelmed with all of the things I'd like to do and then don't get around to finish things I've started! Bad! Bad! Bad:) So, I'm confessing to you's a list of things that I need to finish in the New Year! Scrappy Circles Quilt (need a pieced back for it):
Jelly Roll Quilt(again need another back):
Beach Quilt:
DS Spools Quilt:
Waverunner Quilt (for my husband) which was part of the Unscripted Bee I belonged to:
Drunk Love Quilt I started way too long ago and still have more to complete:( I do absolutely love it though:) Drunk Love Quilt-slowly getting bigger! And who can forget this quilt top I made several years I'm getting embarrassed!Plain Spoken Baby quilt My string quilt: String Quilt Progress My orange and aqua quilt: Orange & Aqua Quilt Top Not to mention my knitting UFOs....aghhhh In the interest of "coming clean," this poncho was originally a 6-12 month size that I finished last year but then it was a little too short on my daughter so I needed to redo the bottom by lengthening it.....and now Miss P is two!!! Poncho for Little Miss P  6-12 mos size I still have a cowl for me that has been on the needles since our trip to Florida last February, etc. etc. I feel better...the cat is out of the bag!! Now, that I've told you I'll have to think about getting these UFOs finished right?! Did I mention that I went to my local yarn shop today and bought some new alpaca wool to make some fingerless mittens for my stepson's girlfriend and that my four year is still waiting for me to finish her little knitted hippo that I started in August of this year?! So, like I said, 2013 is a New Year full of promise:) Thanks for stopping by and I hope your New Year brings you lots of finished UFOs, good health, peace and happiness! Okay, here's a list of some things I did complete....and feel good about:) (don't know why the Mosaic isn't showing but oh well the links are there if you're interested) 1. "Scrappy Shoo Fly"-PTS9, 2. Simple Modern Baby Quilt, 3. Pumpkin Hat-Age 4, 4. Urban Baby Cable Beanie, 5. Pouches, pouches & more pouches, 6. Other side of pouch, 7. Urban Baby Chinstrap Beanie; Newborn Photo Prop, 8. Urban Baby Pixie Hat-Newborn Photo prop-Newborn-3 Months, 9. Urban Baby Flower Beanie-Newborn Size-Detachable Fabric flower, 10. Quilt Con Block Challenge, 11. Baby in the Hood Jacket, 12. My First Pillowcase!, 13. Hello Kitty Dress- OwlyBaby Pattern (4 yrs)-"Betsy Pillowcase Dress", 14. Urban Baby Pixie hat, 15. Urban Baby Earflap hat, 16. Urban Baby Earflap Hat with Detachable Flower, 17. Ikea Lined Drawstring Bag, 18. Bliss Quilt Top-Scrappy Circles, 19. Sherbet Pips Jelly Roll "Race" Quilt, 20. Unscripted Bee Block; (Tara) And to my beautiful Mom....I miss you more than words can say xoxo

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry Boxing Day:)

Hopefully you've had a wonderful holiday with your families! As a last minute finish for a preschool teacher, I whipped this up the other night. You'll have to excuse me for the bad picture but it was late at night so lighting wasn't great! I used this tutorial again as I made three more in September. Remember these? I used linen for the bottom and some Anna Maria Horner for the main body of the pouch. What's on your to do list before the end of the year? I still have two more of these pouches and I want to make a fabric box for my daughter's room to keep the diaper supplies organized. I'm going to work on some knitting tonight....first time in a long long time!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Finally emerging....and a little Pre-Boxing Day Sale

Wow, what a year this has been.....I can't tell you how much I never want to look back at this year because there was a lot of loss and pain. However, the good news is that a lot of stressors are slowly being lifted off of me so I look forward to beginning anew in 2013! I'm blessed with my two little girls, my husband and two stepsons. I need to focus on this now more than ever:) Connecticut is just another painful reminder that what matters in this life are our relationships....and that life is so precious and fleeting! I believe that God has his plan but sometimes it's just so hard to not know what it is and to find meaning in such pain. On a happier note, I look forward to returning to quilting and knitting in my spare moments. These quiet activities give me such peace - I'm sure you can relate:) So I thought I'd celebrate this by offering all of my hats in my humble little Etsy store for $26.00 - for a pre-Boxing Day Sale! Kind of fun! Oh, and did I mention that to give myself a little present, I'm going to QuiltCon in February....need to book and all that fun stuff but just thinking about it brings a smile to my face! Happy Holidays!!!