Monday, May 21, 2012

Bloggers Quilt Festival - Spring 2012

Amy's Creative Side
I know I've been away for some time now but Amy's Bloggers' Quilt Festival has inspired my post today. Recently my Mom passed away which has been absolutely devastating. Needless to say my family and I have been trying to get through these last weeks minute by minute, hour by hour. I am an only child and have now lost both parents in a span of 6 1/2 months. I say this not to sound like a victim but because I truly am amazed how life as we know it can change in an instant. I am trying to stay focused on the love that my Mom has always given to me, my husband, two stepsons and our two little girls. That is what saddens me the most....they only were able to know Grandma for a precious 4 years, and in the case of my youngest daughter, 17 months. I try to keep her memory alive every day with them so they can always know they were thoroughly adored by their Grandma. I never knew in making this quilt that it would hold such special significance now. I made this quilt, my second official quilt, back in 2008 as a Christmas present for my Mom. Looking back, it certainly isn't my best work, but it was definitely made with lots of love.
The pattern is from and is called Scrappy Circles Quilt. What I loved about the design is that it is improv circles. I have always loved circular quilts, in fact, I am obsessed with them....whether it's the design or quilting with circles. Love it! Here is a picture of it draped over my daughter's crib once I was getting ready to give it to Mom for Christmas...had to take a couple photos:)
Again, the pieced back is very simple...literally just a strip of fabric pieces from the Woodland Bloom collection (layer cake used for the pattern).
It was also my first time you can see how densely it was quilted...oops!
I knew that when my Mom passed away I wanted to bury her with something wrapped around her signifying my love for her.
My first quilt, which I never even photographed, was given to my Dad as a Christmas present in 2007. It too was buried with my Dad as a sign of my love for him.
Thank you for letting me share the story of this little quilt. Here is one last photo of a Scrappy Circles Quilt top I made earlier this year using Bliss.