Monday, November 14, 2011

Trying to get the Mojo Back

Thank you to all of you who have left kind words for me! It really is encouraging to know that perfect strangers/fellow bloggers are kind enough to reach out during this difficult time in my life....again, I'm very appreciative.

I really want to get creative right now (whether it's knitting or sewing) because I've done nothing but deal with my father's affairs and I'm also gearing up to return to work soon. Stress!!! Trying to find the time to work on anything is another thing so I need small projects that I can work on in a spare evening. Knitting is winning out as sewing lately has been out of the question (sorry to my current bee buddies but thankfully they are a very understanding group of women).

I'm celebrating my birthday this week and would love some ideas about a gift. My husband has been asking me all week and I honestly have not been able to come up with anything. I always love good books and so I thought I would ask you about new books you could suggest on sewing/quilting/knitting. I've noticed on quite a few blogs tonight that there are some amazing books coming out in the new year....seem to be in May 2012!!! Can't wait...but until now...would love your ideas....

Have I mentioned how bummed out I was that I missed Quilt Market in Houston. It was going to be the one gift I was going to give to myself before I returned to work this month. There's always next year though:) I've loved looking at all of the posts about looked amazing.

Friday, November 11, 2011

My Dad

Wow, it's really been a long time since I've been on here. It honestly feels like a life time ago now. So many things have changed.
My Dad suddenly passed away over the Thanksgiving weekend. When the phone rang just past midnight I knew it was bad news....and I knew it would either be my Mom or Dad. It was my Dad. He had been rushed to the local hospital and was asking for me to be there. The nurse said they were just about to put him on life support. I ran to the car, as I live an hour away from him, and drove in complete silence praying like I have never prayed before. It was the loneliest ride of my life. In the middle of the night, foggy and alone. I kept thinking to he going to be alive or dead when I get there. As I kept playing this over in my mind, I looked up and saw a shooting star. I had my answer. Call it what you will, I believe that that was a sign. I prepared myself for the worst and that's what happened. I walked into the ER and the doctor met me in the family room with my uncle and aunt.
I was escorted a few doors down and there was my Dad. Full of life only 40 minutes before and now he was gone. I just stood in that room beside him saying goodbye, kissing him on his cheek.....not really believing this was real.
So there you have it. I'm sorry to be so blunt but it's really surreal...even thought it's a month later.
I hope my life will get back to the new normal sometime soon but for now I do take comfort that he truly is in peace and in a better place.