Monday, February 25, 2013

Quilt Con was AMAZING!!!

Back in December, once some more of my father's estate was taken care of, I eagerly wanted to do something for myself. I had dreamed of going to Quilt Con but knew that registration for the classes had begun back in August. I looked into it and became discouraged that there were only waiting lists being taken for any of the workshops that I was interested in. Cut to - saying to myself - are you crazy, you have to go and you have to make this a girls weekend. My two best friends and I haven't been in the same place for literally 6 years...yikes!!! One lives in Phoenix and one lives in Ottawa - opposite ends of the US/Canada! Having some faith, we all managed to pull it together and meet in Austin on Thursday!!! It was SUCH AN AMAZING WEEKEND! Even though my friends do not share the passion I do for quilting/sewing/knitting, we managed to have lots of fun time together and I was able to attend the conference and do everything I wanted to do too! (exhale....) Since I have SO MUCH TO SHARE, I've decided to do little bits and pieces over the next week so tonight I thought I'd share with you some of my favourite quilts showcased at Quilt Con. Such beautiful work ladies!


  1. Glad you went for it and had such an amazing time! It was unforgettable, wasn't it! Sorry I didn't meet you - we'll have to make sure we connect in 2015!

  2. I'm still sad we never met. It all went so fast! But I'm thrilled to know you had a good time. You deserved it.