Thursday, September 29, 2011

Etsy Shop And Feature

Holy Crap! I managed to open my Etsy Shop, UrbanBabyPhotoKnits last week and let me tell you what a week it has been. Amongst knitting/crocheting for the shop, two friends requested hats (yeh!) and I made a bunch of hats up for a local photographer in exchange for some pictures of the family! I've been doing this swap/exchange thing for awhile now and really it's fantastic. It's a total win/win as I absolutely love to see my creations on little ones as I enjoy photography AND I receive beautiful photos of my daughters.
I encourage all of you to do something similar....maybe someone out there would love one of your creations, whether it's quilting, sewing, knitting in exchange for something you would equally love...from one artist to another:)
As I'm trying to spread the "love" for my shop, I want to offer 10% off to all of you...code is FLICKRFRIEND10. You can also find me on Facebook

Now for some great I mentioned a few posts ago, Amy from Amyscreativeside contacted me and announced my little wee blog was going to be featured on Sept some wonderful person out there nominated me for my work on the Drunk Love Quilt that was finished earlier this year. How cool is that? It's one I'm especially proud of....and it was a gift to my stepson. It makes me feel good because it's something I made (with the wonderful help from my fellow bee members...they were the best) for him with love:)

So thank you to everyone who continues to drop by this little blog and inspires me....and welcome to any of you who are new...thanks for stopping by:)

P.S. I'd love to hear anything you have to say about my Etsy creations, pricing, photographing, any words of advice are always welcomed!!

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  1. So much going on! I saw the feature and was so happy to see that quilt highlighted. It came together so well.