Sunday, June 20, 2010

Circle Quilt Top - so far...

I've been really slacking on the blog front so I thought I would include a picture or two of what I've been up to. I've been slowly working on this quilt top (tutorial - CluckCluckSew) but now that I have it put together, I think I want to make it a bit bigger. Hopefully I have enough variety in my fabrics to squeeze out 12 or so more blocks...we'll see what happens! I also can't decide on my backing as I've played around with the idea of a minky back instead of a fabric/quilt back...but then I'm not sure about quilting minky in a circular quilt design. Any time I've used minky I've always quilted in straight lines and I think this top screams for some more circles, don't you!

Miss G has graduated again from her program at the Little Gym. As you can see she had a lot of fun yesterday!

Ciao for now!!


  1. the quilt looks great! i love circles...i need to try this tutorial too. did you find it to be easy?

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