Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Recent Knitting Projects

I am seriously behind at sewing and feel bad because I haven't finished February's block for my virtual quilting bee...I need to get down to it. I have been knitting baby hats, etc. and now am making a bolero for my daughter's baptism. I'm looking for a good pattern for a dress...not necessarily a gown but something modern, a-line and simple. I still could knit her a Debbie Bliss dress that I saw in one of her books (which is way too cute) but don't know if knit on knit is too much. I have until mid-April. Any ideas out there? Let me know! I'm open to any!!

All of my fabric swaps are in the mail as well as my block for Project Improv (even though it was done in Jan - ) that's good!

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