Sunday, March 6, 2011

Updated Hat

Miss P is growing so quickly that I decided to make another pagegirl hat for her in a bigger size. It comes together quickly and if you've noticed on my blog...I love babies in hats! To me, there is nothing cuter! Here is a pic in the smaller size. I think I'll try to spend some time today in making her older sister one in fuschia.

Thanks to everyone who left comments about the Single Girl Quilt! I ordered some Kona raisin from Fabric Shack yesterday! I agree - it provides nice contrast with my other fabrics, not to mention the fact that it is definitely outside of my usual colors I quilt with which will be nice for a change. The only thing I'm wondering about is the quilting and thread color. I'd like to go with something that matches the raisin, which is dark, but if I quilt in the rings with such light colors - what will I do? How will that look? We'll wait and see I guess!

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