Thursday, March 10, 2011

Pagegirl Hat and Oranges

Well it's been another wild day here with two little ones, but they're now both in bed so this Mom can breathe a sigh of relief:) In between drawing, feeding, cooking, and watching Dora, I managed to make Miss G's pagegirl hat a little bit bigger today. Once I coaxed her to try it on several times to see if it fit, she wouldn't take it off! Go figure!! She ran around all afternoon wearing her new hat and her princess dress...oh my!
Did I mention she's almost three and full of personality:)

Crocheting is something I learned when I was about 9 years old and to this day I'm amazed how quickly things are to make. Mind you, I only crochet baby/toddler hats, not I usually knit. It's very satisfying to have something completed in an hour or two.
Miss G's hat is a little bit different because I had to add those few extra rows so the "visor" part of the hat is not as well defined, but overall I think it looks pretty cute.
I used Mission Falls Cotton yarn for both hats. I'm so sad that my LKS will no longer be carrying it as I think it's being discontinued. I'll have to find something similar because it's my absolute favourite for baby hats/clothes.
By the way, I had to include a picture of this orange that I cut up for our breakfast this morning. I was struck by the beautiful design in something so simple. Pretty!

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