Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Cutest Little Dress

Okay, I should really be doing things like cleaning my house, thinking about what I'm going to make for dinner, you know - those fun things! But, what am I doing you ask? Surfing etsy, flickr, blogs, etc. I just can't help myself...when a Mom gets a few minutes to herself, and in my house these days, they are few - all I want to do is relax and surf the net. Usually I like to sew, but I just don't have the energy as I was up with my little one last night.

However, I did find the cutest, little knitted dress pattern for Miss P...here it is if you're interested. It's called the Sadie Dress....I think I'm going to have to have it! Sigh..


  1. I am so with you! Both of my little ones are asleep now and I should be doing laundry, but here I am!! Enjoy your free time Mommy!

  2. My Mom always said that a clean house is the sign of a mis-spent life. I didn't get it until I had little ones. And yes, I'm currently enjoying a few minutes of alone time myself. ahhh....Enjoy those few minutes when you can get them!