Monday, March 28, 2011

My Baby's 3!

Well, technically she's not a baby anymore as she's turning 3 today!! I can't believe how fast time has passed!! We had her first "friends" birthday party over the weekend at the Little Gym. She and her friends loved it! They ran around the gym with those little high pitched squeals....made me laugh so much as she typically is shy in social situations. That's why I was a little nervous - I didn't want her to be crying at her own birthday party. Phew!
In total there were nine kids and it was a perfect size...a combination of some friends' kids and her friends from her day care.
I had to post this picture even though it's a bit colorful and she's soooo happy!
How cool is this cake? I wish I had one when I was her age!! I found a woman who lives locally - who is incredibly talented - and we ordered everything via the internet/email...easy peasy! The characters were so detailed and the kids absolutely loved it!
Daddy had to help with that last candle.
Who doesn't love bubbles? (again, sorry for the blurriness)
When we got home, she had to put on some new dresses and reach for her balloons!
Did I say how much she loves Hello Kitty! She's obsessed. Hello Kitty everything. One of my friends bought her some pajamas - so off went her shirt and on went her pajamas, her princess dress and then a summer dress...and she went to bed like this too!
In this pic, she's asking me - "can I eat my three Mommy" - and then she said, "no more pictures" - well, I guess Miss G!! I took enough....did I tell you I'm a little obsessed with taking pictures myself!
I took this picture of some crayons - well, just because...they're pretty! (have I used enough exclamation marks now in this post!!)
Did I tell you how Miss P just slept through the entire lucky am I! She really is an awesome baby! We're so blessed and I never forget that.
Little Miss P decided to roll over for the first time for her sister's birthday...I was uploading some pics this morning when I looked over - and there she was on her playmat, flipped from her back to her tummy and holding her neck up high. She's been rolling on her side for a while now but she never managed to roll over completely until today. It's kind of cool that it's her sister's birthday today.
After some shopping this morning, and feeding Miss P, we messed around with the camera a bit.
So, thank you for indulging me here - especially today! A fellow blogger recently got flack for writing about her life - someone said she wasn't genuine or real and that she was trying to portray her life as perfect. Well, life is not perfect but I too, as Camille, choose to share the positive things in my life on this blog. Life can suck at times - we all know that. In fact, we got some really bad news an hour before our daughter's birthday party. Kids can be a handful, babies and eye infections, colds, runny noses, weight gaining issues (baby and Mommy!!), sleep deprivation, life stressors.....but like I said, I want to focus on the positive here and keep the "not so nice" stuff more private.


  1. Your daughters are both adorable! The one in the stroller appears only if you click it, by the way, but it is my favorite!! Enjoy them as much as you possibly can!

  2. love the pics! another Aries baby! (my bday is tuesday!) congrats little cutie patootie!

  3. what an adorable little family! Happy Birthday to your little girl!