Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Dresden Blocks

November's block in the PTQB is for Sarah. She has requested each of us to complete a full Dresden which I've never done before. Unfortunately, I've been behind on making it but finally completed it this morning. I've worked on it in little bits since Monday night and mailed it out this afternoon. Sarah chose a variety of fabrics in aquas, greys and oranges on a Kona ash background. I love her color and fabric choices. I think they make these blocks much more modern using a traditional pattern.

Sarah put together a really great tutorial which you can find here.

First I cut out all of the fabric pieces using her Dresden template. You then fold them in half with right sides together and iron. Once that is completed, I simply chain pieced them sewing the top ends together thereby forming a Dresden.

You end up with a nice little banner of Dresden pieces that you have to hide from your 2 1/2 year old because she thinks they're hers!

Next, you press your seams open, turn right side out and sew each side together to form your Dresden plate.

Once you've made two tiny snips into each piece as suggested by Sarah, turn them under using your iron, you have a nice circle. Sew around the circle and the outside edges of your Dresden plate and you are done! Voila!

By the way, I am so excited to have figured out about image placement in Blogger. It always drove me nuts that Blogger would place my photos at the beginning of my posts and not throughout. Well, it takes me a while, but then I realized all I had to do was update my editor under the settings section. So much better!!

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