Tuesday, June 14, 2011

What's your vote?

You know those scraps I've been cutting into two inch squares? Well I decided I would focus on various shades of pink, orange and yellow and make up a quilt for my youngest daughter..yes, you're right, another quilt on the go!!
I love love love the colors Faith used in her Lemon Squares quilt (wish I would have bought it...oh well). Isn't it gorgeous!!

Here are some of the designs I'm thinking about:

Then there's this one which Ann Marie S made from The Funky Bag Lady. I love the use of patterns and solids:
mermaid quilt top

So what's your vote? Would love to hear your thoughts!!


  1. I think a scrappy by color version of the Freckled Whimsy quilt on MBS would be fun! (like each square would be a different color?)

  2. I like the top left quilt and what if you added solid rectangles like the Funky Bag Lady Quilt?!

  3. The top left with the big squares made out of the little squares and the white background done in big blocks??!! Where did this come from? I so want to make this for my Tula Pink Neptune collection that I have!