Monday, March 22, 2010

"Y?" Because I Love You

My daughter turns 2 soon - which I can't even believe! I wanted to make her a fabric birthday banner last year but never got around to it with returning to work, etc. This year, I said - no more excuses:) I certainly have enough fabric lying around - as I'm sure you can relate to!

I actually think I'll turn this into a little mini tutorial - but the bummer was - I was so busy trying to get it done that I forgot to take pictures along the way...oh well, it's easy peasy and a nice way to reuse it every year.

All I have to do now is add the binding and that's's done and ready to hang!


  1. so cute!! congrats to your daughter on the big two!!

  2. Thanks! I just finished decorating her cake - let's just say I should stick to sewing!