Thursday, March 18, 2010

Shopping at Fabric Shack

These are some of the fabrics I picked up on our way home from Florida. Have I told you guys how wonderful it was to be in a shop that had almost all of my favorite designers in one place. I was like a kid in a candy shop:) I'm glad my husband is understanding and kept busy with my daughter for an hour. They even came into the store following me and I didn't see them! I was BUSY!

I'm not going to use the American Jane Pattern afterall as CluckCluckSew has a similar design but I like her tutorial as it's easy and no interfacing is involved:) I bought some more orange fabric for my aqua and orange quilt - I love Michael Miller's print (bottom left corner)'s just beautiful!

Here's a pic of the fam - I also have two great stepsons but they weren't on this trip with us:( I must say Litte Miss G wasn't a great fan of the Mickey Ears but I managed to take a quick shot of her anyway....the persistence of Mommies!

Off to cut some fabric circles.


  1. that's all the fabrc you got?? Actually, I image that place was quite overwhelming. Sounds like a fun trip :)

  2. Happy family shot. Your oranges are juicy! I have to admit you did better than I would have but sometimes too much overload leaves me with a small purchase also.

  3. You three are so cute, Jody! Love the pic!

  4. What fun! Looks like you bought some great pieces! :) Love the family picture, too! :) Jessica