Monday, April 5, 2010

Turning Two

I've been a bit neglectful of the blog lately, so I thought I would post today and give you an update. Little Miss G has officially turned two! It really is hard to believe. We had a little family birthday party for her and the theme was Elmo of course because she just loves the little red guy. I actually made her cake (which I'm not sure I'll do again as I was up way too late decorating). I ended up scrapping the whole notion of decorating with a star tip (which is usually very easy but my icing had a mind of its own and like to melt) and ended up using the good 'ole spatula. Ah, the true look of a homemade cake:) At least that's what I tell myself! Well it really was worth it when I saw her face and she knew it was Elmo!!
Of course no birthday is complete without a birthday crown. You should check out I really love Jaime's tutorial - the only adjustment I made was the thickness of the back strap...I just made it thinner because Little Miss G is a wee one. It was really easy to make up and so cute.

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  1. What a happy blog. I love your Cathedral Window!