Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Yeh! Mail!

These little lovelies showed up today in the mail. I honestly couldn't help myself after I saw Ashley's Chicopee Quilt.
So vibrant and modern....simply beautiful! I was inspired to buy a fat quarter bundle (which I never do) from PinkCastleFabrics and it was on sale!! Yeh! It arrived in record time which is nice living in Canada:) I especially love these two prints:
Since I'm a knitter as well, I was always curious about the "Mystery Boxes" on Craftsy (you order them on the last day of the month). So, in August, I took a chance and ordered a $50 mystery box. This is what I received:
I definitely love the needles and the Bulky yarn but I'm not sure about the sock yarn as I've never knit socks before....but maybe I'll try? Not sure. I'm still glad I took a chance and purchased mine and heh.....worst case is I trade for something different on Ravelry! (This month I'm making a conscious effort at trying to be as positive as I can be:) This past week, my oldest daughter started JK - full time, every day! Big changes! She seems to like it but the drop off is difficult for her. I wish my Mom could have been there to see her on her first day of school, but I'm sure she was watching from above!
My youngest daughter turns 22 months at the end of this month (which is unbelievable) and she is talking up a storm....forming sentences for some time and saying the cutest little things! When her sister was having a melt down the other day she said "sister crying" "sister crabby" - it honestly made me laugh and kind of stopped her sister in her tracks! They're so sweet and I remind myself on a daily basis that I am blessed to have them in my life!
Miss G found this "little wormy" at the tree planting ceremony in memory of my father this past weekend. She made him a little "home" with a leaf before we left the conservation area. She is so attached to animals/insects and she sometimes talks about being an "animal doctor." Here is a pic of Miss P on the weekend looking mischievous!
Oh, and like I needed another WIP, here is the start of a DS Spools Quilt. Have you checked out Svetlana's version? GORGEOUS! So, I started off by doing a "sort of stack and slash/improv method" to avoid having to cut out all of DS' templates. This picture is of the same "block" just turned on its side. I will be making other types of blocks but I think I like what I've come up with so far.
I think my major problem is that I love to start up lots of WIPs and then I find I have no time to complete all of them!! Crazy!! How do you manage your WIPs without becoming distracted by other possible WIPs....I swear I have "Sewist ADD" .... haha. Any tips would be appreciated!!! Have a great Tuesday!


  1. Both your girls are so cute!

    Knitting socks is not so difficult; there are tutorials on YouTube and plenty of free patterns on Ravelry. I am a knitting tutor and am happy to answer your questions too.

  2. Love the Chicopee! I didn't buy your favorite print but now I think that wasn't smart.

    The Rustic yarn is wonderful but bleeds a lot (or at least it did on me) when blocking. I ended up adding some vinegar to my water to set the color. Sock yarns can be used for far more than socks! A skein is generally sufficient for a lot of shawls. Try Traveling Woman or Raindrops on Roses. I've knit both and they work well with sock yarn. You got a VERY good value for your $50!

  3. I say I have QADD - Quilting attention deficit disorder!