Saturday, August 27, 2011

What a Dish by Denyse Schmidt

I have to say, being the big Denyse Schmidt fan that I am, I absolutely LOVE her What a Dish Baby Quilt. If you've read my blog for a while, I've talked about it a lot in the past!

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I received an email a few months ago indicating all of her DS Baby Line items were on clearance.....well, needless to say I got my hot little fingers on the phone and ordered it right away!!! Well, of course, I am also a fan of her Pretty Squares baby quilt and with that great sale, I bought that one too!!! How many crib sets does a baby really need anyway?!! How bad am I? Oh my....(the only crappy thing is that I don't use the crib bumpers because of safety concerns for babies-why do they continue to sell these things anyway??)

So, currently the What a Dish quilt sits beautifully over the side of Miss P's crib.

I wish someday I could replicate something this beautiful but DS said herself, those concentric circles are made with bias strips....oooh...sounds a little too difficult for least for now:)

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  1. Curves are scary enough without bias strips! (at least to this novice)!

    It is a cute quilt; and an even cuter baby!