Monday, August 22, 2011

Oops, 8 months!

My little one turned eight months one month ago but I've been late in posting. Here she is in all of her morning glory...

At 8 months, she loves:

- doing what we call the "worm" to get around; she hasn't mastered crawling yet but loves to scoot around and go backwards on her belly.
- loves Cheerios, peas, sweet long as she can feed herself she's very happy. She's definitely "Miss Independent."
- to babble what sounds like mama and dada but not quite sure it's intentional:)
- to have a bath and play around in the water.
- to wake up happy and cooing. Never wakes up crying which we love:)
- loves to watch her sister sing and dance for her (Miss G puts on concerts for her to the tunes of Backyardigans and Dora. Of course we can't forget when Miss G gets out a toy broom/shovel and sings "rock and roll" for her).

Overall she's such a little sweetie and gentle soul. I'm so lucky to be her Mom. We're so very blessed.

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