Monday, October 4, 2010

If it's a Boy - Car Seat Cover

The anticipation is killing me of course as we don't know what the sex of our baby is and I'm due next month. So....what does a woman do? Make two of everything!! Now, don't go thinking I'm totally crazy, I'm just making a few key things in both genders:)

(The top picture is taken from the back of the car seat; bottom picture is of the front)

I saw a tutorial by Allison at CluckCluckSew and at They're both great tutorials and I used them equally in figuring out the dimensions for the baby's car seat. It really was easy to make up but I must say I'm not a big fan of sewing velcro. A couple times of ripping out the seams and now they're good. I went with pieced handles to make it a little more interesting and if I tell the truth I ran out of navy fabric!

These car seat covers are really nice especially in crappy weather and when you're just not open to people touching your baby (see Allison's post about "aka greeter deterrents"-spoken like a true mom)- not to mention the fact when they're sleeping and you just don't want them disturbed! That's why I chose navy blue as the inside fabric.

Happy Monday!


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  2. Love this! Do you remember the name of the print?