Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

Little Miss G went to her first Halloween Party at an openhouse at a gym near our house and of course went trick or treating at her daycare on Friday and tonight! She was a busy little girl!! She called her costume a "jaguar" - which makes me smile as I'm sure she gets that from her books or Dora. When her Dad dropped her off to school on Friday, she kept saying, "I don't wanna go trick or treating" - by the end of the day, her tune had changed and she was pumped! "Mommy, look at all my tweats" - "lets count them." She makes me laugh!!

After her party tonight, we just went to a few neighbours as this was her first time going out. She was so shy at first-"I'm scared Mommy" and then once the neighbour would close the door she'd say "trick or treat - thank you."

Don't you just love it when children's faces light up and they give you the best smile:) Hope your Halloween was fun too!

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