Saturday, November 14, 2009

Xmas Tree Hot Pad

So I thought I would try making this Christmas Tree Hot Pad. It is so cute! I have to say I really liked making the faux binding...turned out great! Of course the perfectionist in me is unhappy about a few things. I accidently used the wrong pieced tree fabric for the pink/orange background. I had a green tree piece and a pink tree piece...but when I was assembling it I was not really paying attention as my little girl was playing in my sewing room...oops! Needless to say it's a lot of pink..but still cute. You'll also notice the pieced fabric is a little on an angle...oh well:) All I have to do now is quilt it!


  1. Faux binding? Is this a turn inside out quiltie?

  2. Essentially you sew your binding strips right sides to right side of pieced front. Press them. Then you place your backing fabric right side to right side of pieced front and sew just next to the edge of the batting - leaving a 4 inch opening. Turn inside out, and voila, you have a faux binding! Slip stitch closed.

  3. Well I absolutely LOVE the pink on pink. One of those mix ups with delightful results. I need to make that version for myself! And the tree being a bit askew is the perfect touch. When I started making these I would just draw the tree at varying angles and sizes on a sheet of paper making each one unique. I enjoyed seeing your creation, so glad you posted it. Have a fabulous holiday season! xo Kathy