Sunday, June 14, 2009

Old Red Barn Co. Quilt-Along

From Tuesday to now I've made huge progress. I've cut all of my fabric into 2.5 inch strips, sewing them all together, ironed it, cut them into 12 inch squares and managed to get my first row together! I was busy from Friday night on....and taking care of my 14 month old daughter....and managed to buy my husband an awesome early Father's day present! We said we weren't going to have a tv in our bedroom, but I broke down and bought us a 22 inch LG flatscreen tv. I can't tell you how nice it is with the breeze coming into our bedroom, our daughter asleep in the next room and watching a little television after a long day!
I'm still behind all of you yet...but I'm catching up. I can't believe how huge this quilt is going to be. This is definitely my biggest! It's 6x7 blocks - I was able to get 42 blocks in total out of my fabric. I did incorporate the Amy Butler garden maze afterall and did't use the Erin McMorris. Thanks for everyone's input. The garden maze is a little more unexpected and gives it a little pop which I like. I can't even think of quilting this one...and have to start think of the back and piecing it! I think I'm going to have to order more fabric.

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  1. I am still behind too, still need to sew my blocks together, you got a ton done in a short time!