Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry Boxing Day:)

Hopefully you've had a wonderful holiday with your families! As a last minute finish for a preschool teacher, I whipped this up the other night. You'll have to excuse me for the bad picture but it was late at night so lighting wasn't great! I used this tutorial again as I made three more in September. Remember these? I used linen for the bottom and some Anna Maria Horner for the main body of the pouch. What's on your to do list before the end of the year? I still have two more of these pouches and I want to make a fabric box for my daughter's room to keep the diaper supplies organized. I'm going to work on some knitting tonight....first time in a long long time!

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  1. Lovely pouch!

    My sewing list for what is left of 21012. Let's see - mum arrives for a week this evening, I have my grandsons here tomorrow, eleven people for Christmas lunch on Saturday (yes, really), a visit to the city farm on Sunday and shopping on Monday. How much sewing? You guessed it! I still have to make a label and attach it to the quilt I'm glad I finished early -- the recipient may be here on Saturday so I need to get the label done!