Sunday, January 8, 2012

Lined Drawstring Bag

Do you know how many Polly Pockets are in my house? Probably not....but take a wild guess...feels like hundreds of little teeny tiny pieces strewn about! Ahhh! So, I got to thinking...a little drawstring bag could MAYBE (and I say, maybe:) encourage my third year old to keep them together? Yeah, I know, good luck but it was fun to make anyway:)

I've had this Ikea fabric lying around for the past few years (I know, how bad is that!) and I have made a Bucket hat out of it...but still had lots so I cut into it this morning and voila! I used Jeni's tutorial which is great and in just a few minutes, a new kid's lined drawstring bag was born! I'm tempted to make some more because I'd love a little one to keep my earrings in when I travel ... ooh, the uses for these little bags are limitless.


  1. IKEA is so great for fabric! Adorable little bag!! I am so happy Polly Pockets have not crossed my daughter's radar.

  2. I made a drawstring bag for not-quite-two-year-old grandson's skittles and balls - he loves it but we still have to pack up!