Monday, July 18, 2011

Headbands, Knitting, Picnics, Birthdays & 7 Months!

How's that for a title? Pretty much sums up what's been happening around here lately! There are three family birthdays this month and lots of things to do!! I know I promised a recap of the Single Girl Quilt but I thought I would post since it's been a while:)

Here's just a little headband I whipped up for Miss G. I've always wanted to try out this tutorial (you can find a million on the internet if you google search) I took Miss G out, bought some organza and went to town. I still haven't found any beads to go in the middle (which I like better) but I just made do with what I had and these are the results. I think I'll make another for Miss P since she hasn't discovered how to take them off her head yet!

One morning last week, the girls and I were up a little earlier than usual so I took them to a local field and shot some pics. I loved the sun behind Miss G in this shot....shining behind her and of course the look on her face!

The sun wasn't really cooperating when I took Miss P back again on her own. There are some shadows and darkness in these photos but it was still fun though!

Have been knitting up a storm here for a local photographer in exchange for some photos...I'll post those later. Have I mentioned my addiction to both fabric and wool? Oh my....I think I spent some quality time over the past two days on ravelry and have so many projects I'd like to make!

Recently Miss P turned seven months so I've been slow to post these photos but here goes:

Of course two mintues later she tried to rip and eat the paper...Mom has to be quick taking those pics!!

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