Friday, May 13, 2011

Big Girl Room-It's a Start!

We've been working hard all week with all of the room changes in our house. My husband finished painting Miss G's room on Tuesday afternoon and her furniture arrived that same day. Miss G was so excited to say the least! We've been trying hard to "talk up" her "big girl room" because as most kids she was pretty attached to her old room (her little sister, Miss P has now moved into it). Even before we moved the furniture in her room that night, she had Miss P on her blanket reading her stories - it was very sweet!

I wanted her room to be bright and cheery so went with a purple, pink and lime green ("celadon" by Benjamin Moore") combination. I love her duvet...I love how modern it is and it pairs up so nicely (which was by accident) with her Hello Kitty sheets:) I bought the duvet at BouClair.

Miss G loves to colour and have tea parties so a trip to Ikea was in order for her new table and chairs (Kritter series).
Ikea also has great inexpensive curtains so I bought some white and green polka dot ones - I think they're so cute. We also have a spot to read to her as I included this little club chair (which used to be perfect for breast feeding by the way).

Here's a pic of my little Monkeys, husband included (haha) pretending to be asleep in the big girl bed!

We still have to put up Miss G's decorations on her walls and move in some of her toys (so we can get them out of "toy central" which used to be our living room!), but I wanted to show all of you what was happening so far...I'll take some more pics soon.

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  1. ooh, I love that duvet & the matching basket! :)