Monday, February 21, 2011

Single Girl Quilt Along

I've joined the Single Girl Quilt Along! I'm excited to use my DS pattern as I've had it for some time. At first I was going to use some of my Fresh Cut fabrics, but decided to do something totally different at the last minute. I've been swapping for some plum/purple fabrics recently and decided to use those in combination with some light pinks and fuschias. I really like my choices so far (except for the AH print and MM dots(brown/pink) as I think the scale is too big). Taking pictures of your fabrics really gives you a different perspective - so it jumped out at me once I saw the photo. I think I'm going to do this more often.
I used template plastic to trace out my pattern pieces and instead of tracing them onto fabric and then cutting them out with scissors, I opted to use my rotary cutter and proceeded carefully as the top and bottoms of the pattern pieces have slight curves to them. Way easier as I hate tracing things out. I'm making the baby size quilt so I need four pieces of fabric for each pattern piece. I have half of my fabrics cut out so far...marathon last night while the baby was napping and Miss G was visiting her Grandma's for an overnight for the first time! That's a whole other story:)
My plan is to intersperse the colours throughout the rings. I'm finding I don't have enough plum/purple fabrics and I really need to be on a fabric diet these days! I put a posting about this on flickr as I'm willing to swap for some scraps. Each pattern piece is roughly 3.5-4 inches square and I'm needing 4 pieces in total of each piece of fabric. I'd love to have some Anna Maria Horner as she has quite bold colours in her lines...Chocolate Lollipop, Bohemian for example. The SG pattern doesn't really call for great quantities of fabric (at least for the baby size), just a variety.
You can find the Single Girl Quilt Along flickr group here
Just ask for an invitation and take a look at all of the inspiring photos!!

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  1. This is going to be beautiful. : ) I love seeing all of these SG quilts coming together all over blogland! : )