Thursday, November 11, 2010

Concentric Square Quilting

I'm finally in the process of quilting my stepson's Drunk Love style quilt aka Denyse Schmidt. I knew I wanted the quilting to be concentric squares as it highlights the style of the quilt/blocks. I never imagined how much a "pain in the you know what" it would be! Stuffing your quilt through your machine at every turn of the square is difficult and time consuming. Again, love the effect but unless you're quilting with a long arm, it can take some time and a whole lot of patience to complete this on a home machine. I think if it were a baby quilt, it would be a lot easier! Maybe it's just that I'm a bit rushed as I'm about to give birth in two weeks and the patience factor has gone out the window:) Could be! I almost stopped and started stippling but I didn't - I'm going to stick with it! I like to try new things and I want it to look good.

Any tips/thoughts on how you quilt in concentric squares would be appreciated:) I'll post some pictures later today!


  1. Would it be possible to quilt the concentric squares like stippling where the orientation of the quilt wouldn't change when the quilting changes direction? You wouldn't be able to use a walking foot, but it might make it more manageable?

  2. I just got done quilting concentric squares on a large quilt. It was a workout. Stuffing and turning. Pulling and stuffing some more. I have no tips except to say it will be worth it in the end!