Sunday, December 20, 2009

UFO - Steadily Checking off the List

Jacquie at Tallgrassprairiestudio has challenged all of us to get busy this holiday season and finish those pesky unfinished objects (UFOs) we have lying around our houses in differing states of completion. I know I have some!! Inspiration hits and when it does watch have many UFOs:) Jacquie is hosting a contest and she's called it Joy in the New Year Challenge...fitting isn't it!

I've been steadily checking them off the list....sewing, knitting and quilting ones.
You've already seen my earlier post on some of the blocks I've completed for my Pieced Together Quilting Bee so I won't even mention those!

I made my stepson's girlfriend a funky coloured Christmas stocking as her favourite colour is purple. It was a fun and easy project to whip up. I used the template from except I ignored the directions about how to attach the lining to the outer piece...I sewing around the top pieces and left the opening to turn inside out at the bottom of the stocking...makes for a cleaner edge...and I detest hand sewing so this method definitely works for me! Of course my little one had to get in on the action so that's who you see in the pic...

I've also finally completed my cousin's little appliqued onesie (elephant) and chenille bib. I'm embaressed to say I started the bib back at the end of August and was shy about trying out the snaps...they turned out great but I must admit I did have to hammer them a few times to get the hand of it! The baby was born in the middle of October and I delivered all of her presents last weekend. Felt good and she was a cutie! I was inspired by Jessica at TwinFibers I did what she said and just traced one of my favourite bibs and used that as my template. Thanks Jessica!

I finished my knitting for some 3 year old twins...I love knitting at this time of year and love thick and thin merino I got those done last week. I also completed a newborn crochet hat and a knitted one so needless to say I've been busy this past weekend.

So, my next two projects to complete are my daughter's Christmas pajamas and her quilt which by now, you must be just plain tired of hearing of:)

Have a great Sunday evening!

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  1. Oh joy! You are doing great. Wish I was as joyful! 8^) Where does time go? I need to get a bigger mitt to catch it.