Sunday, May 10, 2009

String Quilt - My New WIP

Inspired by Ashley's Kaleidoscope quilt , I got busy over the last few days and started cutting up my scraps. I paper pieced these blocks which has been such a breeze - I actually used grocery flyers as my paper because I ran out of copy paper. It worked fine - mind you I haven't taken the paper off the back yet:) I thought this was a good WIP as I can just make blocks as I go. It definitely is busy with all of the different prints and colours, but I guess that's the point! It will be my first lap quilt for the family! Can't wait! Will keep you posted.
Happy Mother's Day to everyone!!


  1. How did the flyers work for you?

  2. The flyers were no problem at all...sturdy enough and handy because we receive a ton of them in the mail!!